Episode 20: Interview with Hammer Nutrition co-founder Brian Frank

Gordon interviews Brian Frank, the co-founder and owner of Hammer Nutrition.


  1. Gordon,
    I am finishing up listening to this show, I am sooooooooo behind and I use these products. I will swear by them.
    I just did a Duathlon last Sunday and I AGAIN found out how easy it is to hit the wall in the heat here. This is far one of the best shows. I am just now trying to use their Hammer Bars,and re figure how to fuel myself.
    I am lactose intolerant and I can use all of Hammers stuff. I was having issues with stuff because it had dairy in it. I am just now adding in the vitamins. I will give them a thumbs up.
    Thanks for is great show.What is your next Disney Race??

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