New logo

If you are reading this, no doubt you have noticed the new blog logo. this comes courtesy of Ron Wireman, an artist with whom I’ve become friends with on twitter and through the podcast. He held a twitter contest a few weeks ago for folks to guess his one-mile time in a n upcoming race. I guessed correctly, or closest, to be precise and won a free caricature. We started talking and both came up with the idea for the caricature to take the form of a new logo for the blog and podcast. I am blown way. This is MUCH., MUCH more than i could ever have imagined that he would do. I am floored. The feedback from family and friends and readers has been great.

You can find out more about Ron by going to the following links: (view samples of his work: he does murals, caricatures, and portraits) (This is Ron’s wife April’s site, she has started a business designing custom wedding invitations. She also does graphic design–logos, newsletters, postcards, and business cards)
Interested in them or their services? Email them at: or


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