Episode 24: A Tale of Two 10Ks

Episode 24: A Tale of Two 10Ks

This episode Gorodn reports on 2 10K races he runs on successive weekends.  One is great, the other is not.  In Gadsden on June 13, he ran his forst ever 10K and had probably the best race he’s run in 2 years.  The other, in Clanton Alabama, was a hot, humid affair that he was glad to survive.  But while in Clanton he meets two fellow bloggers and twitter friends, Mark (bamarunner on Twitter, bamarunner.blogspot.com) and James (alroadrunn3r on Twitter; earlymorningcruzin.blogspot.com/).

After the race they stand around talking about all things running, Dirtdawg, compression socks, and anything else that pops in their minds.

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