Episode 26: Falling into the Canyon of Funk, pt. 2

Gordon finally climbs out of Funk Canyon with some help from his friends. He has another phone conversation with his friend Hope about getting out of running funks, he announces his next marathon, he gives a Disney Running tip of the week, highlights a blog of the week and plays great voice mails. He also announces the new Dis-Runners.com website.

Things to click:

Featured blog:

New Disney Running forum:

My fall marathon:
Rocket City Marathon (Huntsville, AL)

My local 5K. Please come and run:


  1. This video is great Gordon! 🙂 What an awesome surprise! My folks surprised me and a friend of mine w/ a day at Disneyland once. I'll never forget that!

  2. I am crying too!!! Seriously. What a great way to suprize your boys. I have been trying to think of a way to surprize my son for our Christmas trip to WDW. This is a great idea. Thanks!

  3. This is such a wonderful video! I teared up watching it. I was listening to the podcast where you spoke about this at the gym, and when I got home I came right to the computer to watch it. So great!!

  4. I just watched the video with my husband by my side. We both think you are an awesome dad. What a great idea! What a great surprise… so inspiring. Now I want to do the same for my kids who have never been to Disney World and are dying to go.

    Like I've thought from the moment I read your blog for the first time… you are so inspiring! Keep it up!

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