Episode 27: Remembering Where We’ve Been So We Can Know Where We’re Going

The funk is over. I break out of the funk with a diatribe vigorously defending my stature as a runner, and making the assertion that runners look like those who run: short, tall, big and small.  There is no “runner’s body” other than that of the particular person running.  In other words, those hard bodies you see on the cover of Runners World do not represent the vast rank and file of runners.

Blog of the week:
Helpful Disney Running Links:
Coast to Coast Medal


  1. Thanks for this blog! I sometimes find that I push myself so much that I miss out on this, just like you mentioned. Lately, I've been at a plateu, but instead of saying “Hey, in 2002, you were over 250! Look at you now, TRIATHELETE soon-to-be-marathon runner?!” I just feel like I'm not getting anywhere.

    You mentioned a long time ago that you are using orthodics now… you'll find my latest entry familiar I bet!

  2. I love that Coast to Coast medal. I'm doing Goofy in 2010 so hopefully I can get out to Disneyland next summer to pick that one up too. A good friend of mine is doing the Princess half and I'm tempted to join her so I can have all the endurance medals next year.

  3. Hey, I just started following your blog and podcast a little while ago. Are you doing the 2009 Disneyland Half Marathon? If so, let me know. I'd like to meet up.

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