Episode 28: Complacency Not Allowed

The fall race challenge medal

Gordon runs a 5K, and renews his love/hate relationship with those races. He ruminates on why we shouldn’t get too comfortable in life or in running…to be still or get comfortable invites complacency…we must move forward.

He gets good emails and voice mails. He announces his weight loss plans and first results.

Tip of the week: Mrs. Running To Disney discusses the cool hot cocoa mugs sold in the Magic Kingdom (before park opening) to runners’ families. The mug on the left is the standard mug sold in resorts, the one on the right is the special mug.

Three blogs all related make up this episode’s blogs of the week. All are related to “Team Voice” a group of Disney fans and runners who train for races, especially Disney races and raise money for Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio Podcast “Dream Team” project, affiliated with the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Dream Team raises money to send children to Disney World. What could be better?

Rae’s Place

Voice of Mousetunes

Team Voice Events Page

Check their blogs out. I also have a link on this blog to donate to the dream Team


  1. Couple of comments on this episode (my first of many that I will now listen to):

    1) I quickly found myself saying “Amen brother!” as I listened while running today. Doesn't matter how you compare to ANYBODY else. It's all about you, and what you want out of this journey. How many things in life do you get to say that about? You want to drop 10, 15, 40 more pounds? Go for it! You want to run faster? Go for it! Further? Go for it! Doesn't matter how you compare to others. It has nothing to do with them.

    2) I actually hate when people have said that kind of thing to me too. The idea that I should be happy b/c there are people who are fatter/slower/etc than I am should make me happy?!? As if I'm better than them?!? I was taught to not think like that, and so I don't. I hate that line of thinking. Like you said, anyone can come up with a straw man. So there's no point doing it. Focus on accomplishing what you want to accomplish. That's it.

    3) For losing weight, a couple of tips I found useful. FTR, I went from 240 in Jan '07, when I’d just had my 2nd ACL surgery, to 170 by June of that same year. Now I'm comfortably in the mid 150's, and keep a detailed journal of everything I eat, every day, along with my running log. So I think your journal is a powerful tool. Stick with that. First, if you have to ask yourself if something is good/OK for you or not, it probably isn't. Don't try to talk yourself into how it might not be as bad as you think it is. Immediately walk away from it, don't buy it, buy something else, etc. Second, develop some visual cues. For me it was practicing leaving food on my plate, and then dealing with it. I grew up, as many probably did, being taught to “clean you plate”. That might be OK when you're 8, but it's not so much now. As soon as you ask yourself “Have I had enough to get by until my next meal?”…you have. You're done. Stop eating. Put the plate out reach. Immediately scrape it into the garbage can, or ask the wait staff at a restaurant to clear it from the table. If it takes them too much time, salt the HELL out of it so it is inedible. Whatever it takes. When your brain catches up, you'll be happy you did this. Lastly, find those things you know are OK to eat, figure out which you like best, and stick with them. Can it get a little boring? Yes. Is boredom better than the anger that comes from completely compromising the work you'd put in up to that point from a huge, fatty, calorie-laden meal that probably didn't truly satisfy you the way you thought it might? You better believe it. Boredom = weight loss + better cholesterol + fat loss + feeling better throughout the day, every day.

    OK, sorry for such a long comment. But that episode was brilliant, and the perfect one for me to listen to as my first. I'm hooked. Keep up the good work. You've got a new fan.


  2. Great podcast! I've just returned to running 1 year ago. The first year was about finishing new distances and new races. Now I want to improve. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to improve- in fact it gives me something to strive for. I focus on comparing myself to me, rather than to others and I put everything in the framework of “now” (my current life- my age, my family, my work schedule, etc.). I used to compare my performance to when I was younger with more free time and that would bum me out. Now I run in the present and move forward, which makes me a much happier person. Looking forward to hearing of your new goals and dreams!

  3. Hey gordon,
    Love the podcast. You are doing great. As a Cardiologist and runner had some thoughts about your wall during the 5K. You may very well have had low liver glycogen stores that petered out at mile three. Liver stores first to go and send distress signal to brain to slooooowww. Also (I hate this but) ask your Doc for alternative to diuretic. You are loosing fluids with the running and electrolytes can really get messed up with the HCTZ.
    Happy running

  4. Holy Cats!!!

    I really like this show. I want to know you are the first person other than myself that I have heard call me a triathlete. And it made me get all emotional.
    Thanks for the shout out.

    Early… They want us there by 4am.
    We drove and I hope you plan on joining us on the Stinky smelly Meet after the race.

    And we have one of those cool little mugs. E got it while waiting for me to come into the MK during the Princess Half.

    I am so behind in my podcast.

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