Back in the game–88 miles in July

88 miles in July
Finally getting back to mileage levels from marathon training months. I’m running longer daily distances, up to 4 miles on weekdays as opposed to 3 miles in the past. I’m also running 5 days a week, instead of the 4 I ran during marathon training. I’ve got a good base and now need to get a plan for the Rocket City Marathon in December.

July: 88.0 Mi
June: 54.8 Mi
May: 71.8 Mi
April: 84.2 Mi
March: 90.6 Mi
Feb: 49.9 Mi


  1. Awesome! I track my milage, but I include the swimming and biking miles too! Each month, I've been increasing! It's a slow process, but nice to see a progression!

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