BBC interview about the podcast

BBC Radio 5 interviewed me about the podcast. Here is a link. This link will only be up for a few days and they have no archive. My segment starts at around 13 minutes into the show:


  1. I listened to your BBC podcast and I really enjoy your blog. I'm a former competitive swimmer and new to running. I'm glad I found your blog!
    I recently starting blogging myself and find your blog inspiring.


  2. I found out about you listening to a download from the BBC; it sounds like you've a fun podcast. I'd like to find out, but can't (I run linux) and won't (point of prnciple) use iTunes. It's too bad that you don't have a non-iTunes source of your podcast.

    Anyway, I thought the interview was great and good luck with the ongoing project!

  3. Hi – today I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with a need to lose 15kgs and listened to your podcast interview on the BBC…I am inspired!!… and will be going out into the cold Dutch night tonight for the first of many (I hope) satisfying runs. Many thanks for the motivation kicker!! Cheers….

  4. BBC only leaves this on line a few days, but their podcast is available on itunes as “pods and blogs”. I just heard it today and really enjoyed your interview.

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