I guess I HAVE to run it now

As if registering for Disney’s Goofy Challenge wasn’t enough, I had the “Running to Disney” roving correspondent (Dominic) pick me up a shirt to prove it. Disney sells these shirts 1) so they can make money, of course, and 2) so we can be proud that we are training for endurance events. And we should be.

So since I now have the shirt , I guess I HAVE to run the races? Is that how it works?


  1. I ordered the “Training for 2010 Disney marathon” shirt when I was getting ready! A little bit of, “put up or shut up” never hurt anyone. πŸ™‚

  2. I was going to buy the Training for Goofy 2011 shirt at the Expo, but I wasn't totally decided whether I was going to go for the full or Goofy…Now that I'm signed up for the 5K and Goofy I think I'll have to get me a shirt or maybe I'll make one – that way I can use a shirt that actually fits me right πŸ˜‰

  3. That's it, now you have to run it or risk bad running karma. On the other hand, I can tell you that I have never enjoyed a running event so much as Goofy 2010.

  4. Well, you don't HAVE to run it, but, geez, I stood in line for hours to buy it! Well, maybe a few minutes, but still, yeah, you have to run it! Glad you got it okay. “roving correspondent?” I like that, maybe I can get media credentials next January!

  5. Your “roving correspondent” and I talked about these shirts at the expo. Wish it was warm enough here to wear it when running. Oh well, the shirt is a great motivator for what lays ahead.

  6. Gordan,

    Been following you on Twitter and listening to your podcast. Great stuff. I know we have tweeted before. I am running the Disney Princess Half in March and wanted to know if there has been a list of fellow runners that you know are going to go and meet up. Would love to connect with others in the community. I think this was done for the Disney Marathon?

    Thanks and happy running!


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