Weight Check

Weigh in today.

Today: 196.5

Last week: 197.5

Start weight on July 20: 231.5

Total loss to date: 35 pounds!

I am now into early college years weight. But overall, I’d say I am living much better than I did then, when I lived on burgers, pizza and french fries for 4 years!

The doctor is impressed with my weight loss and has cut my BP meds in half. I’m checking my BP daily and there is no spike in the BP, so I am very pleased.

Thank you all for your encouragement and inspiration. It means a lot to me. More to lose. Won’t rest until I’m skinny!


  1. Awesome job, brother. I'm completely new to the podcast – Hochberg turned me onto it, and am catching up on the back episodes.

    Great job on the improving fitness. It sounds as though you have put in the work, and now you're seeing the results.

    I'm running my 2nd marathon of 2010 on this Sunday in B'ham (Mercedes) and I've got a couple of episodes I will be listening to on the first half of the marathon.

    Great job, again.


  2. Awesome news! You are inspiring me each day to keep at my weight loss goals. Hopefully, I'll be almost skinny for Goofy! It sounds like you'll need a new intro for the show now. Not chubby any more. Can't help much with the follicle challenges, though 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm going through the same thing and know how difficult it can be. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Gordon –

    Awesome news on the weigh-in, pal. That's fantastic. I just listened to Ep 49 during a run, and you're right. Your newfound enthusiasm for running is resulting from the weight loss, the training, the improvement, all of it. Great news, for sure.

    Run long,


  5. Gordon, only started to listen to your podcasts in recent weeks, but enjoy them very much. I'm 41, have lost 60 pounds in a little over a year (I was 306 pds)and will compete in my first half marathon in April. Compete might be too strong a word for it. Show up and plod around for two-ish hours would be a better discription. but I take great courage from the fact that there are others like me out there, getting a second chance and going for it. Keep up the good work. Oisín, Wicklow Town, Ireland.

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