Big update post because I am a lazy blogger

Wow. Where has the time gone. Been a while since the last post, so let’s knock out all the news from the past few weeks in mega-sized update to assuage my guilt. I mean, sure, I have a podcast and if you listen to that you KNOW what has transpired over the last 3 weeks, but I guess for blog-sterity I also need to write it here. The easy thing is to tell you to listen to the show…but oh well. I mean, I’ve already started writing this, I can’t just stop, right?

Ok, we traveled to Myrtle Beach for the purposes of me running the marathon with my friend Megan of Run Vegan Run (who is also coaching me) and Eva (VitaminEva to Trilogy Running fans and @evatesq on twitter). My wife was to run her first 5K there, and I would also run a fun run with my kids.
All went well through Friday night. The fun run was, well, fun, but also stressful. Megan and I chased our kids through a see of humanity for the longest mile of our lives. Those little ones dart in and out of the crowd and we were fighting hard to keep up! After the fun run, we waited at the start line for the 5K where Eric (Megan’s hubby @veganrunningdad on twitter) and Marie would run their 5K. It was bitter cold and then as the race started, it began to snow! At first the kids loved it, but they soon grew cold, and frustrated as we had to walk at least a mile to the finish line. The snow was heavy and one of the kids commented that it was like being in a snow globe.

Eric PRd in his 5K, running a 22:37. Marie finished her first ever 5K with a time of 41:54. They both ran in what was at times a blinding snow storm. But it was awesome to see them finish.

Because of the snow, and the potential for icy/slushy conditions the next day, race organizers and city officials decided late Friday night to cancel the marathon. The course followed an unclosed course, which saw it follow a long stretch of busy highway. Officials couldn’t guarantee that a driver wouldn’t lose control and hurt runners, so they canceled the race entirely. Most of us were shocked, angered, frustrated. I see their concern and their need to be safe rather than sorry. Tough decision for anyone.
The next day saw clear skies in Myrtle Beach and warmer temps, which melted any ice or slush on the roads. The roads appeared as they would after a simple rainstorm! BUT race organizers had no way of knowing this would be the case
Many people attached their bibs and ran the course anyway, and they were met along the course by people with water and food. I met Megan, Eva, her husband Steve, and Eric, for a run/walk. We walked for about an hour, then Megan and I ran for about 4 miles while the others went for coffee. During this run Megan and I discussed my training for the upcoming months, she pushed me some in the pace, and then for the last half mile, made me match her pace to finish the run. So for a half mile I held a 7:55 pace. Ouch. What’s cool is that doing mile intervals a week or so later, I hit a 7:58 mile. Do things are definitely on an upswing with regard to my running. We’ve decided that this spring we are focusing on smaller races, speed development, and building a solid speed base for the Goofy Challenge. I enjoy having a friend with whom to plan race strategy and build workouts. Accountability and support is a really important thing, and I have thrived under Megan’s coaching. And as a result, we have become close friends. My family meeting her family in SC was very special to me.
Even though the marathon was canceled, we still spent time with each other and got to know out “virtual” friends as “real” friends (as if those terms really mean anything these days; some of my dearest friends I’ve never met!) and enjoyed each other’s company!
Oh. I should tell you that the Myrtle Beach race organizers have offered half off registration for next years race to those who picked up bibs before the race. So 35 bucks for a full marathon. Something to think about!

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