Product Review: RxSorbo Insoles

A couple of months ago I was contacted by RxSorbo Insoles to try out two pair of their sport and work insoles. They sent me two free pair of the insoles and I promised them a fair review on the blog.

Sorbo insoles are made from Sorbothane. Rather than me trying to struggle to explain it, I pulled the explanation from their website:

Sorbothane®, a one-of-a-kind visco-elastic polymer, was first introduced in 1982. Primary applications included the development of shock absorbing insoles for the athletic and orthopedic markets. Since its introduction Sorbothane® has been used in many varied energy absorbing product categories. Sorbothane® Inc. engineers supplied the NASA design team with a unique Sorbothane® isolator to protect shuttle cameras during launch. The Liberty Bell was successfully moved using specially designed Sorbothane® isolators. When Wilson® Sporting Goods needed a superior shock absorber for their new line of high-tech baseball gloves, they turned to Sorbothane®. Most recently, engineers have devised a series of colossal “ball-in-box” Sorbothane® dampers designed to dissipate wind energy in the new Air Force memorial.

I chose two different types of insoles (they have a bunch more, at this link the Sorbo Ultra Work/Sport insole and the Sorbo Air Insole. I used when while running and playing around with the kids or just in my sneakers while shopping, etc. The other I put in work shoes and taught for several weeks in them.
First let me discuss running. I did a few runs in the sport insoles and liked them. If you are a runner who is concerned about weight on your feet, be aware that these insoles are a little heavier than those that come standard in running shoes. But if you need extra cushioning, then you’ll be pleased with them. I never did a long run in them of over 5 miles. I don’t like to mess with what has worked for me in the past. Overall, they worked fine and I had no issues with them during the run.
The Sorbo Air insoles were used in various pair of work shoes. Easily moved from one pair to the other. I have worn these every day at work since I received them in the mail and have been very pleased. Not too “floaty” but providing enough cushioning to take the edge off of standing and lecturing for 2 hours, they seem to do the trick. I’ve been very pleased with them and plan to keep them in my shoes for as long as they work for me.
So, thanks to RxSorbo or the offer to review their insoles.

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