Lapidus Montclair Run 10K Race Report

On thanksgiving day I ran a 10K.  I was visiting my mom in Birmingham and decided that since I was gonna be there I might as well race. Of course, this was less than 2 weeks after running the Battlefield Marathon, so it would have stood to reason that I should take a long recovery process.  But my fitness level and the base mileage that I’ve put together allowed me to recover form the marathon rather quickly.  In fact, other than some muscle tenderness for 2 days post-marathon, I was not sore, and ran 8 miles on the Tuesday following the saturday marathon.

So, running a 10K less than 2 weeks after was not presenting any obstacles or difficulty.  So here is the race eport:

Had a great warm up and decided to start the race at the pace I’d like to finish it. Goal was to have even splits, so as I started out I found myself at 7:30 and decided to hold that for the race. The race started down hill, and had rolling hills until the finish where the kind race organizers gave us a half mile up hill finish! This shaves about 5 minutes off my PR set in June.

Finished in 47:01.  I was 12th out of 57 in the Age Group (40-44). Overall results weren’t ready when I left.

7:33 ,7:30 ,7:32 ,7:26 ,7:32 ,7:22

I’m so happy to be finally under 50 minutes for a 10K.  Very pleased with my ability to hold that pace!

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