TRL Ep. 008: The Seasons of a Running Life

Christmas 2006

This is how I looked in December of 2006, when it was discovered that I had “industrial strength” hypertension.  That revelation caused me to start running.


Gordon discusses the seasons of the running life cycle, and how the runner develops in each.Audio with his kids and a voice mail, too.
Show theme song courtesy of Music Alley: Two Sided Story.  “This is My Life”

“Oh Holy Night” By Allison Crowe also courtesy of Music Alley.

1 Comment

  1. Still enjoying your podcast and your story. I’m a little
    behind – just listen to episode 5 – due to an injury. I only listen
    when I run and I haven’t been running. Hope to catch up soon. Keep
    inspiring. Hope things are well with you and your family.

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