Adaptive Training: San Francisco Marathon Hills (pt 2-A)

So, for a recent example of what I’m currently discussing, here are two workouts from this past week.  The first took place on  my regular Friday hill run.  As I wrote in the last Adaptive entry we are using Mountain Drive for hill training, along with 11th street.

So here was the plan for the Friday hill run on Mountain Drive and the vicinity:

-1 mile warm up

-2 x up and down mountain, try to hold a consistently fast pace unless unable to (6 miles total, 1.5 up, 1.5 down, twice)

-2 miles fast flat sub GMP

-.5 -1 mile cool down

~9 to 9.5 miles total

Below is the elevation chart:

Total elevation gain for the run was 933.

My Sunday long run also incorporated hills, with faster sub MP miles after the hills to model 1)the SF course, and 2)practice running at GMP on fatigued legs.

Here was the plan:

-2 warm
-2 miles around mp 7:35-7:42
-Hills for 4 miles working on keeping pace strong but we are not gonna worry if it’s higher than mp. See if you can keep it in the lower 8 range
-1 mile easy 8:10-8:30
-2 miles 7:30-7:37
-2 miles 7:25-7:35
-2 miles 7:30-7:37
-2 cool or split, your choice

I did the 4 miles along 11th street, back and forth, up and down, then headed back the way i cam for the sub-GMP miles.  Today was a real mind battle. I am moving into recovery week, and boy do I need it. The past three weeks have been good and productive, but they’ve also been tiring! Adding to the fatigue is an increase in double work outs for 5 of 7 days a week. If I run in the morning, I ride the bike or swim in the afternoon.  You can see last week’s training on the “My Training” link above.

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