Next Goal: Gulf Coast Triathlon (Long Course/70.3)

Since I plan to take the winter and spring off from marathoning, it seemed like a good idea to put my interest in multisport as cross training to a test.  I’ve registered for the Gulf Coast Triathlon to be held in Panama City Beach, Florida on May 12.  This is a “long course/70.3” race, which would be considered a half-iron distance.  I was nervous about registering, but as soon as I did, I felt excitement (yes and fear!) about the possibilities and to see what I could do in this new challenge.

For training, we are using Matt Fitzgerald’s intermediate 70.3 plan, with modifications to the running and swimming portions.  Since I’ve a considerable base in running, I will run longer than he prescribes.  Plus, I’m swimming an average of 2,000 yards per session now and his plan starts in the 800s.  So, I will remain at my higher level of swim distance.

I’ll update my progress as we go!



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