The Boston Five: Monday, April 15

5 for Boston Marathon Day!

1. How to track the race via various methods!

2. Some vintage pics of Boston Marathons past.  And some more here.

3. Fun facts you may not know about Boston Marathon. More facts here!

4. If you watch these amazing men without crying and wanting to run a 100 miles, then check your pulse. You ain’t living.

5. You can’t follow the Boston Marathon without knowing who is John J. Kelley.  Here is a link to his Boston times.

Run like you are on Bolyston Street today!!!

(Today is also the day in 1947 that Jackie Robinson broke major league baseball’s color barrier as the first African American player.)

1 Comment

  1. I don’t know if you were in Boston today or not Gordon, but can you please make a quick blog when you can to let us know that you and your family are ok – tears, Lisa

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