The Two: Tuesday, June 16

1. Watch the second video all the way through, and be inspired.

2. Funny stuff from “The Oatmeal”

There will be only two links today.  Because I want you to read the oatmeal post, I want you to know that THIS is why I run. This is why I always will run.  Why I will never pursue other athletic interests that aren’t related to running.  Why I won’t lift big, why I won’t become a competitive chess player, why I won’t become anything other than the best runner I can be.  It saved me from myself and my destructive habits.  It gave me a chance to grow healthy and see my sons grow old and into their current funny smelling, crabby teen and pre-teen selves, and eventually into funny smelling adults with kids. Running gave me and continues to give me things that NO OTHER sport will ever come close to providing me. This is why I run. The Oatmeal story is my story too.

Five links tomorrow.


I found my happiness.  Go find yours today.


  1. Gordon, You hit the nail on the head, This is why I continue to struggle, I enjoy running, but I still have alot of my bad habits, and sometimes I get lazy and go a month or 2 without running, then I pick it right back up. I enjoy your blog, and read it everyday, keep up the good work, because you are an inspiration to me and a host of others I am sure, maybe someday I can be an inspiration to others the way you have inspired me……
    James Mink

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