Weight Loss

If you have read this blog from the beginning (and if not, feel free to see the archives), then you know that my running adventure started after I was diagnosed with, as my Physician friend Don described it, “industrial strength” high blood pressure.  Three things caused this: 1)my weight. Although I had lost a few pounds that fall, I was still considered obese; 2)my genes.  Iinherited this from my parents, especially my mom, who enjoys food with her salt; and 3)my diet. Although I was pushing 40, I continued to eat like I was in college and still had a metabolism.

Discovering that one has a condition that could lead to heart attack, stroke, even death, was a sobering thing.  I immediately swore off salt, and haven’t salted my food since December 2006.  I also decided to start running again, hence, what you see here: a blog, a podcast, a new way of living.  I had to lose weight, too.  When my condition was discovered, I weighed 247.  That was actually down from my all time high of 262 from the summer of 2000.   
Running cut some weight in a hurry.  In December 2006 I weighed 247.  By June 2007 I weighed 217.  That was the lowest I got.  My body adjusted to running and the calorie burn slowed, and I got lazy again with my diet.  I didn’t eat “bad” stuff, compared to my earlier life.  We always ate whole wheat, we drank no fat milk, we ate tons of fiber…but the issue was quantity–and the occasional–okay somewhat regular, fast food meal…
Last monday I weighed 231.5.  Over the past few months I could tell that although my body was not as flabby as it used to be, I still had gained some weight.  I carry the 40-year old male’s albatross–belly fat.  So I have decided to lose some weight. I downloaded “tap and track” an iPhone app that sets a weight goal, gives you a daily calorie limit and helps you keep track of it.  
By putting it in this blog and later discussing it on the podcast, I want this goal to be as public as can be to give me accountability and motivation.  The same thing worked when I was writing my dissertation in grad school.  We wanted a family and couldn’t until I got my doctorate and got a job.  So I told my wife to ask me how many pages I had written each day she came home from work.  That accountability assisted me in completing my dissertation and getting out of school and on to being a dad.
My goal: I’d like to lose 30 pounds, long term, at least.  BUT, to assist in the effort, I need to carve this goal into reachable goals that will further motivate me to succeed.  So, sub-goal no. 1: 10 pounds off by September 1.  Sub-goal no. 2: total of 18 pounds off by October 10.
I want to weigh 213 by October 10.  Today, after 1 week, I weighed 228.


  1. I'll be here cheering you on. It's a tough battle that I've been fighting for my entire life.

    Another good iPhone app is Lose It – It's a free app and it's really helped me because it tracks calories consumed and calories burned. I like that it helps me know when my body needs a little extra fuel to keep it going.

  2. Very interesting! I just downloaded Lose It for my new iPhone and I'm looking to lose 10 pounds by October 10 – the date of my next Marathon in Baltimore. If that works out OK I might shoot for another 5 lbs gone by the Goofy challenge.

    Like you, I think I eat mostly the right things just WAY TO MUCH of them!

    Good Luck!

  3. Hey Gordon! I found you blog…well…while searching around on the internet for blogs about real people who have taken up running!

    Putting your goals out there in blogland is a really good way to keep yourself motivated. I'm doing the same thing, and it seems to be working.

    Keep running! Good luck on your goals! Love the blog!!!

  4. OK look here.
    After the Marathon this past Jan. all of us in Team Voice regained some weight. I started out at 248. I maxed out at 248!!!
    I was 182 in Jan.2009, now I am at 195-193. It is a battle. It is hard and E my other half went from 309 to 250-265.
    What I have learned, set smaller goals, way smaller goals. Measure yourself. I have been loosing inches instead of weight and my trainer who is an online trainer form biggest looser season 4, SHE HAS BEEN A HUGE HELP. Having a group of friends who “get it” my Disney side too.
    I can help you if you want it. It will be hard work and alot of leaning on each other.
    As I tell everyone like Jonathan the Voice How bad do you want it??
    Are you going to sit on the side lines or are you going to be the one that is out there doing it and showing everyone you CAN do it?
    I have been doing duthalons with people who are way thinner, and faster, and stronger than me, But I am doing it. I am wearing the tri shorts and no sleeves on my shirt, I am out there doing it. I finished!!! I plan on finishing the Half ironman 2010 at Disney.
    Be proud of what you have accomplished, be proud, yes I finished a marathon, yes I have lost weight, I am a work in progress, and I am going to inspire one person, weather it is my kids or a stranger.
    Got it??
    I like the podcast. I like the rambling, and keep it up. Maybe I can get ya some other Disney news.
    Team Voice is going to be meeting after the Half marathon and the Full marathon It is called the Stinky,
    Smelly Soarnin Meet. We will e meeting up after the race and going to ride Soarin. I will be out there In my Team Voice shirt during the half cheering everyone throughout the course.

  5. Go get 'em Gordon! I'm in the same boat – if I lose weight, my feet/ankles will be in better shape, and I can stave off the diabetes that often comes with PCOS!

  6. OK also I am now up to date on your podcast. Instead of relying on what they give out to you at the races, carry a fuel belt. Hammer is the best you should now this.
    Advice while out running try to figure out how to fuel and will work for you. Not for the race, but you.
    I learned at my last duthalon I forgot to fuel at the times that work for me and I nearly hit the wall again. So I figured out what to do that works. At what mile and what I can take in that will not kill my system.
    You are in training and training is where you make adjustments and figure out where and what to do to do better.
    I have to get up 4a and be at work by 7a, plus I have to commute too!!

    Have you thought about putting your kids in the kids races?? MY teens like to do the 5k's 10k's and volunteer at Disney. We all get out there as a family.
    I made that recipe, and do not use that junk!!!!

  7. Hey Gordon,

    I am with you dude…when I started running last year, I weighed 263. I was told by my doctor that I had the high BP and he also said that a person my age (36) should be able to run 3-4 miles easily. That is pretty much how it started for me. I clocked in at 247 last week (with normal bp)…which is nice, but I would like to be around 220. I still have a ways to go. It is frustrating for me, finding that balance between diet and exercise.

    Anyway, I will continue to follow you and cheer you on. We are heading to Chicago this weekend for the Rock N Roll half…hope it turns out better than the Country Music. I also owe you some material on our Disneyland trip from last week. It was amazing and I wish that I had spent more than a day…I will catch up with you later.


  8. Gordon,

    I am at the same exact weight with a similar goal (I want 199) and after losing 45-50 lbs I am sitting at this weight not because of a lack of exercise. So I am throwing down the challenge, before 10/10 who can lose the best % (safely) wins a to be determined prize.

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