Weight Check

Another week, another weigh in. Because of some calf issues, I laid off of running for five days, only returning just yesterday. While I don’t think I am fully healed, we are too close to the marathon to stop now.

Last week’s weigh in (Nov 12) found me at 210.5.

I was nervous that my weight might plateau if not running and burning tons of calories. I did, however, go the the gym and meld with the elliptical. I also rode
my bike 15 miles on Sunday afternoon. I decided,too, to do core exercises evry other day instead of three times weekly.

Still, I was anxious. So today came the weigh in and lo and behold, I had dropped 2 pounds!

New weight (Nov 19): 208.5!!!!

Posted by ShoZu


  1. I am impressed at how much weight you have lost. Keep up the good work, and I hope you get back up to speed soon.


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