a Running Partner (eventually)

Meet Rookie. Our new Black Lab pup. He is 10 weeks old and as awesome as can be. The boys named him Rookie because he is a rookie dog and they are rookie dog owners.

He has his own twitter feed: http://www.twitter.com/disneyrundog


  1. Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm running two races at Disney this year. Doing expedition Everest challenge in June with my husband and then the Wine and Dine in october. 🙂 I'm a huge Disney fan and have my own tip blog (which i've badly neglected, shhhhh dont tell anybody). so just wanted to say hi!!

    Ps the pooch is so cute!

  2. Rookie is adorable!

    I have two labs that I run with. Unfortunately, one of my babies has a problem with heat (she's suffered heat stroke once and now is susceptible) so no more than 5 miles (we used to do 8 plus) and usually we go in the dark of the very early morning. They are awesome to run with and they love to go, go, go. I started walking with them at about 9 weeks old and we graduated to running – they are one of the reasons I got in to running as we got bored walking. Just remember, dogs can suffer from dehydration and heat illnesses just like people and when the little guy grows up you're not going to want to carry him home (the girl that got heat stroke is 70 pounds and I had the other girl with me and I had to struggle to get her home – not fun). Talk to your vet and get some advice and you'll have a wonderful running partner for years to come!

  3. congrats on getting Rookie…his tweets are hilarious! Hope you turns into a great partner for you.

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