Today I reached a major milestone in this new lifestyle I have embraced. I say new lifestyle because I don’t consider it a diet at all, but rather a new way of living. In this process, I went from a guy counting calories and reducing the intake of certain food items (namely meat and dairy) in order to lose weight, to a guy who had embraced a new way of treating his body. What I do now relative to my food intake is more of a lifestyle than a diet. I am proud of what I’ve been able to attain with regard to self-esteem, with running and with my health. I’m adding years to my life; years that I will be able to enjoy growing older with my family and friends.

Today’s weight: 181.5
Last week: 182.5
July 20: 231.5
Total loss to date: 50 lbs.


  1. This is quite an achievement, Gordon! Many will congratulate you and sing your praises on Twitter, DM, etc. Bask in the glow! It is much deserved! 🙂

  2. I wish there was a facebook like button right about now! Congrats G I bet it feels great to have all your hard work paying off. Keep on keeping on!! Congrats!!

  3. Nice work. I started dropping weight when I was about your age and have kept the vast majority of it off for the past 6 years. (I sort of slipped after I remarried … better food combined with less time on my bike.)

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